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Research at the BI-K

The BI-K conducts high-quality basic and applied research in the field of medical data science. We see biomedical informatics as a core area for research and innovation at the intersection of medicine and health sciences on the one hand and computer and information sciences on the other. Here, holistic perspectives must also be included, taking into account the social sciences and humane sciences.

Research focus areas of the Institute

Research focus areas of the Institute:

  • Methods for data reuse and FAIR data management
  • Data-driven transformation with use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Distributed analytics for sensitive data and applications of the Personal Health Train

Our special areas of application:

  • Semantic Webtechnologies: Applications in Health management and in the Life Sciences
  • Methods for adoption and uptake of FAIR principles
  • Development of tools and infrastructures fort he support of FAIR data and distributed analytics


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